Tree or branch removal around homes can cost anywhere between $100-$2,000, depending on the complexity of the job. Either way, our services are going to be cheaper than a new roof. We take four variables into consideration when estimating a project:

Where the tree is located on the property?
Powerlines, structures, service lines, and how accessible the tree is can all affect the difficulty of the job and may require more specialized equipment and expertise to remove. Rest assured, we have the equipment to remove any tree, even if we have to go over the house with a crane.

Is the tree healthy or damaged?
Rot, damage, weak branches, or any other conditions that affect the strength and sturdiness of the tree can make removal more complicated. Our arborists will assess the health of the tree and advise on its safe removal.

How tall is the tree?
The taller the tree, the more complex the removal. They usually require cutting sections off one by one rather than falling the entire tree.

How thick is the tree?
Thicker trees are more difficult to remove, and our specialists may have to cut the trunk into several pieces which takes more time and effort.

Where is the job located within our service area?
The distance our team and equipment needs to travel to the jobsite is also taken into account when estimating the cost of the job.

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