The crew helped remove many many damaged trees after a bad storm in Tomahawk. The crew was amazing, professional and extremely helpful and responsive. They made the property look incredible. It was hard to believe it could look so good after so much damage (almost 50 trees) with straight line winds. Thank you so much for your incredible work.

Judy Barbian

We had a diseased tree, approximately 100 feet tall. The Foley team came out and had it down in no time. There were several surrounding structures, but due to the expertise of the Foley staff, none were damaged during tree removal. The staff are very courteous and professional. We highly recommend their service!

Susan Wroblewski

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. These guys are professional, highly-skilled and reasonably priced. Foley’s has done work for us twice now and both times we have been very satisfied. We have a 4′ quaking aspen that we planted last year and I thought it would be ruined because it is next to one of the trees they took down this year. I was in awe as they removed sections of each tree and layer them down within a foot of our new planting without touching it. When one of the guys came back to grind the stump, he noticed that we had a dead spruce nearby. He removed the tree and the stump at no extra charge. If you need tree work done, do yourself a favor and don’t look any farther than Fole

Andrew Tucker

Very easy and friendly to work with! We had three trees taken down in the front yard. Not little things either. Done so quickly and smoothly within two and a half hours! They worked so well and easy with each other. My daughter and I enjoyed the show of watching it all from our front window. They were so sweet to both my dogs and her! Thank you guys for the job well done!

Addie Schilling

I would highly recommend their services. I have been in the Northwoods many years and have dealt with many contractors etc. I hired them to clear extremely dense forest land I just bought for a lot and establish some trails on about 6 acres. Idea was to save as many trees as possible and leave it looking as the trails had been there for years. They more than met expectations. Literally hauled out every tree and branch that came out. extreme attention to detail. Extremely knowledgeable. Most importantly guys really seemed to genuinely like their jobs and performed!!!!!! On time. on budget. The best!! Thanks!!!! ps- i post the good and bad. All good here!!

Steve 1000 Pines

They arrived at 9:25 AM and they had the tree down, shredded, everything cleaned up, and on to their next job within an hour. Very professional and had their system down pat. I highly recommend Foley’s Tree Service to anyone.

Dave Chamberlain

Prompt, professional, courteous service. Went above and beyond. Chalk me up as another satisfied customer.

Kimberly Stevens Schaper recommends Foley’s Tree Service, LLC Five stars!